About Us

The Company

Alvey & Towers Picture Library was established over 25 years ago. Our stock covers a wide variety of subjects, and we have gained particular recognition for our transport imagery.

We also house one of the UK’s leading specialist collections of railway images, including archival images through to the modern day.

Our images are used daily throughout the world wherever they are needed including in newspapers and magazines, for television broadcasts, for websites, for corporate publications … the list is endless.

We also house a wide variety of non transport related images. To see selections from our currently available stock simply enter the relevant keyword/s into our Quick Search box.

All of our images are available 24 hours a day, online for immediate download.

The Team

Alvey & Towers collections are overseen by original founders Peter Alvey and Emma Foulds-Rowen, both extremely well experienced in working in the picture industry, and both fully understanding of what is required by a picture buying customer.

Peter Alvey has been working in the image library sector for over 30 years and  as a professional photographer for even longer. His vast experience in both areas has been a driving force in the continued growth and expansion of Alvey & Towers. Peter is also a member of the National Union of Journalists. Details about Peter’s professional photography services can be viewed at www.peteralvey.com.

Emma came to the picture library world 25 years ago, from an administrative management role. As well as having a superb (some would say critical) eye for image quality and detail, she also possesses the key organisational skills that are so necessary to the successful development of such a busy and large stock library collection.


Alvey & Towers images for web use only are licensed on a Royalty Free basis.

To purchase and download simply click on the image you require and choose the file size from those listed to the left of the thumbnail.

Make payment online and your image will be available for immediate download.

Any Alvey & Towers images required for use other than web use are Rights Managed. There is an option to purchase and download a rights managed, editorial version of each image on our site.

If you wish to purchase  a rights managed license for a different size or use or wish to purchase a license for multiple images, please do not hesitate to call us directly to discuss your requirements.

Contact us on +44 (0)1949 861 894
Or Email: office@alveyandtowers.com