Frequently Asked Question


> Are your images royalty free?

Alvey & Towers images are all licensed individually and are not royalty free. This helps reduce the risk of your competitors using the same image as yourselves. All of our images are competitively priced, often less than you would pay for a Royalty Free image!


> How do I search for an image?

There are various ways to find your perfect image. On our home page you can use the quicksearch box, this will find ALL the words you type in.

Tip: Don’t use words such as “in” “the” “and” Example: to find a car driving in the snow simply type “car snow” (without quotes), the search is not case sensitive. If you wanted to exclude 4X4 cars from your search you could use the minus (-) sign.

Example: To find cars driving in the snow which are not 4×4’s type “car snow -4X4 ” (without quotes), Note: There must not be any spaces between the second keyword and symbol (+), (-).

Standard Search (Quick Search) By default the system uses ‘Match all the keywords’ for the quick search function. If you input ‘speeding car’ (without the quotes) into the standard search field, then the search function would return results for any media that contains both ‘speeding’ AND ‘car’ in its properties.

Advanced Search. There are two options available. Match at least one keyword. This will search the images for any of your keywords and return all it finds. Match all your keywords. This will find ONLY images which contain all the keywords you enter. Finally you can choose a specific section of the library to search by using the categories selector.

You may for example want to search for Italy in the railway section to find Italian railways. . If you still cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call or drop us an e-mail. Whilst our website is extensive it does not represent our entire archive, and we do not charge any search fees.


> How do I find out the usage fee for an image?

To find out the usage fee of an image or images click on the usage fee button in the left hand menu and complete the simple form.


> How can I pay?

You may make payment with your credit or debit card, to ensure your online safety this will be done via the secure PayPal server. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use this.

Accounts are available to some customers, please contact us for details. In all events a receipted invoice will be sent to you for your records.


> Why should I register?

You must be registered on our web site to purchase licenses for our images and be able to download them.